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Visit our A-Z to find out more about illnesses, operations, tests and treatments.

local services section

Find your nearest doctor, dentist, pharmacy, sexual health clinic, self help/support group and more.


d i y section

Use this section to find online tools, information on health and wellbeing, plus a pregnancy guide.

online enquiry section

Send an enquiry to our health information advisors who will provide you with reliable information to answer your enquiry

self assessments section

Here you will find a number of symptom checkers which can help you, or someone you know, find out what to do or where to go.

Travel Health

Advice and tips for staying healthy while travelling abroad, and information about your rights to treatment in other countries

The Room

The Room is the Welsh Ambulance Services website for young people in Wales.

The Room Website
Choose Well

If you become unwell or injured, make sure you choose the right NHS service to ensure access to the best treatment.

Choose Well
Add to Your Life

Add to your life' is a free NHS Wales health check to help you live longer, feel better, stay healthier and active into the future.

Add to your life

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Health Events & Campaigns

Information on local and National Health Events and Campaigns

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