Contraception And Sexual Health Service - Singleton Hospital

Sketty Lane



Tel: 0300 555 0279 (Helpline)/01792 285015 (Direct Clinic number during clinic times)

Disabled Access: Yes


Helpline Number

0300 555 0279


Closed 11th October 2019.

The open access clinic will be closed on Wednesday 16th October 2019. Alternative clinics are available in Dyfed Road, Neath and Quarella Road, Bridgend.

Please note: All walk-in clinics are a sit-and-wait service. We cannot say how long you will need to wait to be seen, it will be dependent on the number of patients before you and what services they require. We often have more than one clinic running at the same time so patients attending those clinics may be called before you.

Smear tests are only available at Singleton Hospital, Neath Port Talbot Hospital and Quarella Road Clinic Bridgend by appointment only.

To book an appointment or to enquire about the services available, please call the Helpline. At busy times we may not always be able to answer your call immediately. Please keep trying and every effort will be made to answer your call at quickly as we can.

SMS Texting Service: Routine results sent via text, including HIV.

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Normal Opening Hours

Clinic Opening Hours


Helpline Opening Hours


Services Offered

Service does: Abortion Services
Pre and post termination counselling. Self-referral Telephone: 01792 200303
Service does not: Bank Holiday
Service does: Blood-borne Virus Services
HIV Screening, Hepatitis A and B vaccinations(high risk patients), Hepatitis A, B and C Screening, Pre/Post Test Counselling
Service does: Cervical Screening/Smears
Appointment only.
Service does: Contraception Available
Most methods available.Drop in service for coil insertion or exchanges and for implant removal or exchanges on Wednesdays between 8.30am & 11.00am).
Service does: Drop In Service
Refer to opening times.
Service does: Emergency Contraception (Free)
Oral (Pill), Coil.
Service does: Family Planning Services
Service does: Friday
Closed 11/10/2019
Service does: GUM/Integrated Sexual Health Clinic
Service does: HIV Services
By appointment only. Call the Helpline to arrange an appointment.
Service does: Monday
Service does: PrEP HIV Prevention
Referrals are made into clinic at singleton Hospital if criteria is met.
Service does: Psycho Sexual Counselling
Service does: Sexual Health Advice
Psycho sexual counselling referral, sex/relationship problems.
Service does: STI Services/Screening
Chlamydia, Genital Herpes, Gonorrhoea, Non-Specific Urethritis, Pubic lice, Scabies, Syphilis, Trichomonas Vaginalis, Thrush, Bacterial vaginosis, investigate menorrhagia/pelvic pain, Warts.
Service does: Telephone Information/Advice
Via the Helpline.
Service does: Thursday
Service does: Tuesday
Service does: Wednesday
Service does: Young Peoples Services

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