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Leaflets in other languages

The following Welsh Government leaflets are available in to download in the languages listed.


BCG and your baby or child

Arabic                                Hindi                               Spanish
Bengali                              Kurdish                           Swahili
Bulgarian                           Lingala                            Tagalog
Chinese                             Polish                              Thai
Czech                                Portuguese                      Urdu
Farsi                                  Punjabi                            Vietnamese
French                               Russian
Gujurati                              Somali

Am I at risk of Hepatitis B

Arabic                                  Hindi                            Spanish
Bengali                                Kurdish                         Swahili
Bulgarian                             Lingala                          Tagalog
Chinese                               Polish                           Urdu
Czech                                  Portuguese                   Vietnamese
Farsi                                    Punjabi                         Welsh
French                                 Russian
Gujarati                                Somali



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