If you smoke, giving up is probably the greatest single step you can take to improve your health.  Smoking is one of the biggest preventable causes of death and illness in the UK.

Giving up smoking is hard, and almost everyone experiences setbacks along the way.  80% of adults in Wales are non-smokers, so it can be done.

You can see success stories from quitters on the Help Me Quit website on the Success Story page.

Click on the links below to listen to individuals experiences of giving up smoking:-

And it’s worth doing.  As soon as you stop smoking, the risks of serious diseases such as lung cancer, heart disease and stroke start going down. You will also save money by stopping smoking.

Help Me Quit is the single brand for NHS stop smoking services across Wales, making it easier for smokers to choose the best NHS stop smoking support for them in their local area. If you want to give up smoking a good first step is to contact Help Me Quit - you can visit their website or call 0800 250 6885.

All services are free and will give you the best chance of quitting smoking for good. To find out which service is best for you, contact a member of the Help Me Quit team by:

Use this diary to record how many cigarettes you smoke throughout the week:

Download Smoking Diary

Use our Smoke Free Timeline to discover the health benefits from the moment you stop 

The benefits of giving up smoking

  • Reduce the chances of getting lung disease and heart disease
  • Reduce the chances of getting cancer
  • Being able to run/walk without getting out of breath
  • Save money by not buying cigarettes
  • Clothes and breath will smell better
  • Sense of taste will improve
  • Skin will look better
  • Likely to live longer
  • Smoking is banned in most public places

See our Qutting Smoking article for more detailed information.

Useful links for help and information to stop smoking 

Wellbeing Podcasts

You can listen to Wellbeing podcasts on the Mental Health website by clicking on the related link, which is on the right hand side of this page.