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You Said We Did

We would like to show you how we have learned and made changes as a result of comments, compliments and suggestions we have received.

You Said January 2017:

You told us that you didn’t know which symptom checker to use if you had more than one symptom....

We did January 2017:

We have now added the following advice: ‘If you have got more than one symptom then select the symptom checker that addresses the problem that you are most concerned about. If you are still concerned about other symptoms or there is no symptom checker available for the symptoms you have please contact NHS Direct Wales 0845 46 47 (or NHS 111 if available in your area) for advice.’


You said December 2016:

You fed back to say that a we had no picture of shingles in our skin rash slideshow.

We did December 2016:

We have added a picture of shingles to the slideshow and to the shingles topic in our encyclopaedia.


You said September 2016:

You fed back to say that a lot of useful information about baby & toddler development is hidden under the ‘Pregnancy Guide’.

We did September 2016:

We have now changed the name of the section to ‘Pregnancy & baby’. In the section you will find a variety of information including baby health, weaning, behaviour and parenting.


You said July 2016:

You told us that the way to rate an encyclopaedia article wasn’t clear.

We did July 2016:

We’ve now explained the way to rate an article. Web visitors need to click on the total number of stars they wish to give.


You said April 2016:

You told us that you didn’t find the symptom checker helpful because it doesn’t diagnose

We did April 2016:

We have now added a disclaimer onto the symptom checker homepage to advise that “Symptom checkers offer advice on what to do or who to see next. They do not diagnose or replace medical advice”.


You said February 2016

You fed back to say the Hospital/A&E search facility wasn’t working properly

We did February 2016

We have now changed the wording to explain that a full postcode is required to provide accurate search results


You said November 2015
You fedback that our GP search was not coming up with a branch surgery in Cardiff.

We did November 2015
We made enquiries with the surgery and have now updated our records with the new branch surgery.


You said Feb/March 2015

Received feedback from the public and health professionals asking us to make the vaccinations section easier to navigate.

We did August 2015

Created a new vaccinations section specifically about all routine and other vaccinations. This now makes it easier to find which vaccinations you need and when, side effects, FAQs and more. Visit the new section here.


You said Nov 2014
We noticed that Dental Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) appeared in the Top 10 visited pages each month.

We did August 2015

To support the FAQ, we launched our new Choose Well dental video: '10 questions for your dentist'.

Based on the dental enquiries we receive via our online enquiry service, search terms used on the website and enquiries we receive via the 0845 telephony service, the video in partnership with Powys Teaching Health Board answers a range of popular questions.

You said February 2015

We noticed abdominal/stomach pain is one of the top 5 things people are searching for on our website and we also receive a large number of calls to the 0845 46 47 number about the same problem.

We did May 2015

We have now developed an abdominal pain symptom checker, where you can quickly get advice online after answering a series of questions.  It's currently with our web developers so will be available on the website very soon.


You said November 2014

You wanted an easier way to send us a compliment

We did December 2014

We have now added our email address to the contact us page, under the heading 'Compliment, comment or suggestion'


You said 2014

You wanted more interactive features.

We did Spring/Summer 2014

Based on your feedback, we now host a number of interactive features including a medicine cabinet, skin rash slideshow and self examination video’s. We’re also looking to host a number of other video’s including why you should “Choose Well” for each of the healthcare providers.  If you have a suggestion on how we can develop the website further, please let us know here.

You said July 2014

You wanted to stop the feedback survey popping up straight away!

We did July 2014

Moved the feedback survey so it appears at the bottom of the screen allowing visitors to browse the website and complete the survey in their own time.

You said February 2014

I don’t like the walk on presenter.

We did April 2014

After a trial period of having the walk on presenter who we hoped explained what was available on the website, based on your feedback it has now been removed.

You Said November 2013

You wanted seasonal information available on the NHS Direct Wales website.

We Did December 2013

We developed a 12 healthy steps to Christmas advent calendar to ensure you and your family stay well during the festive season

You Said July 2013

Every month since November 2012, visitors to the NHS Direct Wales website have searched for 'Blood in stools' or 'Rectal Bleeding'. These keywords have frequently appeared in the top ten most popular searches on the NHS Direct Wales website.

We Did July 2013

Based on this demand, we developed a 'Rectal Bleeding' symptom checker and launched it under the 'Check Your Symptoms' section of the website in July 2013.

You Said June 2013

Following feedback we received at web development workshops held in various venues across Wales, you asked if the filter facility on our local health service databases could be made clearer.

We Did November 2013

We have now changed the filter facility to make them look more like tabs, making the search facility easier to use. We have also rewritten the introduction explaining how to use each database so its easier to read.

You Said March 2013

You are trying to find out if you, as a 64 year old, should pay for x-rays when having dental examinations. You also ask if there is an email address that you can contact to ask specific questions.

We Did March 2013

Dental examinations for people over 60 are free in Wales. However anything over and above the examination itself is chargeable at the agreed NHS rate. This would include taking x-rays which fall in to the Band 1 charge category. At the time of writing, Band 1 work is charged at £12.40. (Dental charges are routinely subject to annual increases, usually from April - current charges can be found under Dentists - Frequently Asked Questions  ),

We have a section on our website called 'Ask us your Health Questions' where you can ask specific questions to a Health Information Specialist team who will do research on your behalf and reply to you within 3 working days. To access this service click here.

You Said February 2013

On our local services it stated that Boots in Rhyl was open on Sunday and that after you travelled a distance found out that it was closed

We Did February 2013

The pharmacy details have been checked and, as stated by yourself, shows that Boots Rhyl is open on Sunday's between 11am and 4pm. These details have been input into our database by the All Wales Pharmacy Network as the regular opening hours. If you wish to discuss this matter further you could contact the pharmacy (Boots Rhyl) directly. We have not been advised of any changes to the opening hours by the pharmacy.

You Said January 2013

You wanted to reschedule and eye clinic and advising that you left a message for the eye clinic but are unsure if they have received the message. You also would like to be able to book appointments online.

We Did January 2013

The aim of our website is to provide information and advice. Unfortunately, we do not work in partnership with other health organisations in relation to electronic appointment bookings and cancellations. Hospitals have different ways of arranging appointments and cancellations therefore you would need to speak to your hospital directly to discuss local arrangements.

My Health Online is a website system which members of the public can sign up to and have the ability to make GP appointments online, order repeat prescriptions and update their own personal details. Click here for further ifnormation. Currently, not every GP surgery uses this system therefore you would need to check if your own GP surgery is linked to My Health Online.

You Said August 2012

You live in the Hywel Dda Health Board area and are unable to find an NHS dentist accepting patients.

We Did August 2012

Dentist notify us weekly if there are any changes to the services they provide, therefore we update our directory each time we are notified.

Health Boards in Wales are responsible for providing NHS dentistry services to members of the public in their catchment area. If you require further information or have any concerns about the dental services in your area, then you should contact the Health Board in your area.

The contact details for the Health Board that covers your post code area are:

Hywel Dda Health Board, Merlin's Court, Winch Lane, Haverfordwest, Pembrokeshire, SA61 1SB

Tel: 01437 771 220

You Said July 2012

You'd like more topics available in Welsh

We Did July 2012

We are striving to have as many topics as possible available in Welsh to members of the public. At the moment we are concentrating on the most used and common topics that are looked at each month.

We get our content for the Encyclopaedia from NHS Choices which is an England website. Then we have to look through the content, changed some sections to make them relevant to Wales, get them translated and checked for accuracy by medical experts.

We will continue to get as many topics translated as possible.

 You Said June 2012

You mentioned that the link to NICE's document on 'referral for suspected cancer' was out of date.

We Did June 2012

We have researched your feedback and checked the 'referral for suspected cancer' document that you mentioned, which is on the NICE website. This is an up to date document which was last modified in April 2011, therefore even though it shows the issue date as 2005 it is still an up to date document.

You Said March 2012

You were looking for more local information on the Carers page

We Did March 2012

We have added a link to our Local Services search for Health and Wellbeing Support groups. Here you can select Carers from the list and type in your postcode. This will bring up local Carers groups and there are National groups at the bottom of the page.

You Said January 2012

You were looking for a symptom checker.

We Did January 2012

We currently have a Colds and Flu Self Assessment Tool available on the website.  The interactive tool guides people through a series of questions about their symptoms before providing advice on what actions to take. Click here to see the symptom checker. We are hoping to develop further self assessment tools in the future.

To see other interactive features we have on the webiste please click here:-



You Said January 2012

You were looking for an urgent dental appointment.

We Did January 2012

If you are not registered with a dentist and need an appointment urgently, and you live within one of the following Health Board areas - Abertawe Bro Morgannwg, Betsi Cadwaladr, Powys or Hywel Dda -  then you can call 0845 46 47. Listen carefully to the recorded message for further instructions. For patients' safety all calls are recorded. Calls are charged at local rates.

If you live within the Aneurin Bevan Health Board area and need treatment urgently then you will need to call the Aneurin Bevan Dental Helpline which covers the Blaenau Gwent, Caerphilly, Monmouthshire, Newport and Torfaen areas. The helpline is available Monday to Thursday between 9.00am and 4.00pm, and on Fridays between 9.00am and 3.00pm. You can contact them on 01633 488389.

If you live within the Cardiff and Vale Health Board area you will need to contact the Cardiff and Vale Dental Helpline on 02920 444500. The helpline is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

If you live within the Cwm Taf Health Board area you can contact the Cwm Taf Dental Helpline on 01433 680166, available Monday to Friday 9.00am to 5.00pm. Within the Cwm Taf area, if you need urgent assistance during evenings, weekends and bank holidays you can contact the Cwm Taf Dental Helpline (out of hours service) on 0845 601 1001 (available Monday to Friday between 6.30pm and 8.00am and from 8.00am on Saturday until 8.00am Monday). The helpline covers the Rhondda Cynon Taf and Merthyr Tydfil areas.

If you would like to register with a dentist then you can click here and search our dental database. Type in your postcode and click search. You can find out if the dentist is accepting patients by clicking on the dental practice name and then clicking on services offered for further information. Click here for more Frequently Asked Questions on dentists.



You Said January 2012

You wanted to know how to make an appointment to see a doctor.

We Did January 2012

If you are registered with a GP then you can use our GP search facility by clicking here to find details for your GP. Type in your postcode and click search, then click on the name of your GP and you will be able to see opening times by clicking on the services offered tab. There may be more specific details relating to appointment times for your GP, but this would only be included if your GP has advised of this information to has asked for us to include it on our website. If you cannot find the information you want, you can ring your GP, during their opening hours, and ask them for more specific information regarding making appointments.

If you are not registered with a GP already, click here and it will provide you with information you need to register with a local GP.

You Said December 2011

You wanted to find out how to complain about the NHS Direct phone service.

We Did December 2011

If you would like to leave feedback or make a suggestion about the phone service click here and it will explain what you need to do.

You Said November 2011

That you were unable to find a telephone number for a dietician.

We Did in November 2011

We do not hold contact details for dieticians on the NHS Direct Wales website as you would need to see your GP in order to be referred to a dietician. You cannot self refer to a dietician on the NHS.



You Said in November 2011

You were seatching for up to date information on waiting times on hip surgery

We Did in November 2011

Here is a link to our waiting times page - this link will provide up to date information on waiting times for all of wales. You can also find information on the Welsh Government website by clicking on the following link


You Said in October 2011

That you were searching for an email address to contact NHS regarding surgery

We Did in October 2011

NHS Direct Wales has an Online Enquiry Service where you can ask us any health information queries via email. Click here to find out more about the service. If the Online Enquiry Service does not suit your needs then please visit our 'Contact us' page to find the most appropriate contact details for you.

You Said in September 2011

You wanted to find the nearest A&E department in the Powys area.

We Did in September 2011

You can search the local services by using a postcode, town or city. If you originally tried by typing 'Powys' into the search box it will only show the hospitals in that area. We would advise using a postcode, clicking on A&E in the filter by section and then clicking search. This will provide the nearest hospital with an A&E department.


You Said in August 2011

You wanted to find out waiting times for surgery following an appointment with a consultant.

We Did in August 2011

There are no published waiting times per speciality per hospital any longer. We would advise you to contact the waiting times officer at the hospital in which you have been referred to. Hospitals have been working to reduce waiting lists but each area is different.

Click here for information on how long you would expect to wait from the time of referral to seeing a consultant for initial consultation (this is a guide line only and as mentioned above, each hospital in different areas are different).

You Said in July 2011

You wanted information on Sarcoidosis

We Did in July 2011

As this is not a very common illness we do not hold information on it within our health encyclopaedia. However we do have contact details on our Health and Wellbeing database for a sarcoidosis helpgroup. Click here for further details on the group.

You Said in July 2011

You wanted the number of a GP Surgery

We Did in July 2011

Our GP Directory has details of GP's throughout Wales, you can search by using the name of the practice, your postcode or town. You can then text the contact details to your mobile phone free of charge.

You Said in May 2011

That you were unable to find an NHS dentist in your area.

We Did in May 2011

'Health Boards in Wales are responsible for providing NHS dentistry services to members of the public in their catchment area.  If you require more information or have any concerns about the dental services in your area, then you should contact your local Health Board.  Find the details here.'

You Said in January 2011

You wanted more interactive features on the site.

We Did in March 2011

'We have launched a new Lifestyle & Wellbeing area on the site it's packed with interactive features; you can calculate if you are a healthy weight and find out what health benefits your body will experience from the minute you give up smoking. There are also diary sheets for you to print off and set your own goals whether you want to lose weight, excercise more or cut down on how much alcohol you drink.'

You Said in January 2011

Over 2000 people used the Cold & Flu Self Assessment Tool during the Christmas fortnight.  The feedback received was all very postitive.

We Did

' We are now exploring other Self Assessment Tools to add to the website, stating with an assessment for dental problems.'



You Said in April 2010

"a symptom checker would be good for the site."

We Did

There will be a new Colds and Flu Self Assessment Tool available on the website soon.  The interactive tool will guide people through a series of questions about their symptoms before providing advice on what actions to take.

You Said in December 2009

"That you wanted a free 'Quit Kits' to help stop smoking."

We Did

''The materials offered as part of the 'Smokefree' campaign are only available to residents in England.  However, information on support to stop smoking and associated resources for residents in Wales are available from Stop Smoking Wales on 0800 085 2219 or''



You Said in February 2009

"That you were unable to find a hospital using our search facility."

We Did

We will soon be launching a new streamlined search function for all local service information on our website. 


 You Said in November 2008


"A list of support groups for various conditions would be useful."

We Did

We have a Health, Wellbeing & Support Directory available on the website with details of local groups and national organisations who offer a range of health, wellbeing and support services. If you run a group and would like to include your details on our directory you can do so by following this link.


You Said in September 2008

"Can you add a link to our website from the NHS Direct Wales website?"

We Did

Any requests we receive to add web links are subject to our internal website accreditation process. This is to ensure that the websites are up to date, evidence based and relevant to our service users. This process may take a few weeks, any sites that do not meet our accreditation requirements will receive feedback via their own sites.

You Said in August 2008

"Distances provided to dental practices are inaccurate."

We Did

Added a sentence to the dental search page advising that distances provided are ‘as the crow flies’ and are calculated from the NHS National Postcode Directory. However, within each record there is an added ‘Directions’ facility which provides accurate distances/traveling times if you are traveling by car, public transport or walking.


You Said in March 2008

"It would be useful to have a copy of the Book Prescription Wales Booklist on the site."

We Did

Downloadable PDF version of the booklist was added on the site, subsequently this has become one of the top 10 downloaded pages on the site.





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