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Live Well

Smoke Free Timeline

Click on the Smoke Free Timeline heading to find out what health benefits your smoke free body is experiencing.

20 Minutes

Your blood pressure and pulse rate return to normal

1 Hour

Your body starts to get rid of tobacco toxins.

8 Hours

The amount of carbon monoxide and nicotine in your blood will have halved.

24 Hours

Your body will have got rid of carbon monoxide.
Your lungs will start to clear.
Your chance of having a heart attack starts to decrease.

48 Hours

Your body is now nicotine free and your taste and smell will improve.
Your nerve endings start to re-grow and you will find walking easier.

72 Hours

Your breathing will be easier and you will have more energy.

2 - 12 Weeks

Your circulation and lung function will be better and you will find running easier.

3 - 9 Months

You should notice a decrease in coughing, sinus congestion, tiredness and shortness of breath. You are also less likely to have a chest infection. Your lung function will now have improved by 10%.

1 Year

Your risk of a heart attack has now fallen to half of that of a smoker.

10 Years

Your risk of lung cancer has now halved – and the longer you are smoke free the lower the risk will be.

15 Years

Your risk of a heart attack falls to the same as someone who has never smoked.





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